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Sufi; Nüans / 4

Dimension: 30 x 30 cm
Year: 2022
Tecnic: Mixed media on canvas
Delivery: Framed on request
Material: Canvas

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‘Sufi’ Series General Description;

  • I believe that people are made up of several layers. As I dig deeper, I think we need to dig a little more and go to the bottom to reach the essence. In my opinion, paints are similar in terms of equivalence to figures. As we dilute the paint, we return to the essence of color, or perhaps we move away from it. This is what a human being is, as he peels back his personality, a different self emerges. Every self and character is just a reflection of what we see and what is visible. It is an “I” oriented life skill. Other personas also reside deep within. My interest is with these personas..
  • The blue color in the figures reflects this. I deal with ‘negative’ photographs in the science of photography. The mixture of warm colors in the background is the metaphor of the phenomenon of ‘birth’ from my perspective. We cannot choose our character when we are born, we do not have to take on anything. Its most transparent and visible form. The vulva form, blended with various colors in the background, is in my language; It reflects the metaphorical state of existence in the name of birth. Human existence is completed with self-discovery. For this reason, I embroider vulva, or ‘Hikari’, in the background and ‘Sufis’ in the front perspective.

Sufi; Nuans Series; The cries of our faith and doubt in the night become the most terrible evidence of our desolation and frightening awareness. No matter what, we stubbornly hold on to ourselves. This is what a human being is; as he strips, another self emerges. Every self and character is just a reflection of what we see and what is visible. Of course, we come across other nuances deep down, or maybe it’s just the invisible reflections?

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