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Hikari; Dönemeç / 4 (Waxed Paper)

Dimension: 30 x 40 cm
Year: 2021
Technical: Masking Liquid & Acrylic on Paper
Contents: Framed
Artist: Naz IŞIKSOY

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‘Hikari’ General Context;

‘Naz Işıksoy, a multi-disciplinary artist, is often inspired by the paranormal, mysticism and existential psychoanalysis in her works. Based on these theories, the ego creates deformations of its environment while also emphasizing the questioning of the distinction between reality and abstract concepts. His work depicts Vulva as an expression of existentialism; Hikari has gained a lot of popularity, even in its native Turkey, where it can be interpreted as “controversial” to show where we come from. Hikari; Its meaning from Japanese is ‘Light’. The artist’s association with his surname Işıksoy means “supporter of ‘On the Way to Find the Light’.”

Hikari Turn; You are inspired, you are introspective. How do you achieve your transformation?