My Works

Naz Işıksoy is often inspired by paranormal, existential psychoanalysis and eroticism in her works. Under these theories, She emphasizes that while creating deformations of the ego and the ego of the environment, it provides questioning of the distinction between reality and abstract concepts.

Having participated in national and local exhibitions and symposiums both in Europe and Turkey, Naz Işıksoy is multi-disciplinary artists focusing on paintings mostly. Işıksoy continues her work in various fields such as painting, digital manipulation, decoration, fashion design and sculpture installation both in Bodrum Gümüşlük and mostly in her atelier in Istanbul.

She adapts the theory of design and texture she has been trained in, in works on digital, canvas, wood and various alternative bases. She argues that being free, unlimited and uncontrolled in the selection of the materials used enables individualization while creating the character language.

The artist believes that the human particle has several bases. For her, the most important of these are her known works;

‘SUFI’, ‘HIKARİ’, ‘DİRİM’ are reflections of these to you by Naz Işıksoy.

About Me

Naz Işıksoy was born in Bursa in 1995. In 2013, she received basic art education in a painting and art workshop in Bursa. In 2019, she graduated from Bilgi University Applied Sciences Fashion Design Department with an honor certificate.

In collaboration with Bilgi University, she realized her personal fashion show, which was prepared as a capsule collection under the name of wearable art with the “SIMULATION” collection in Santral Istanbul. Europe and Turkey at the national / participating in local exhibition & symposium Naz Işıksoy today, including multi-disciplinary weighted image shows activity as an artist. Işıksoy continues her productions in the fields of painting, digital manipulation, decoration, fashion design and sculpture installation part-time in Bodrum Gümüşlük, mostly in her workshop in Istanbul.

Naz Işıksoy

Personal Perspective

If we are going to know that there is more than one character in each being, I think we should do something to bring out what is hidden in us, our other characters that we hesitate to show to others. It is obvious that the invisible lower self and their multiple personalities are creating disorders. I believe these affect our current life. In this process, the technique of creating the opposing reaction is the defense mechanism that alienates the idealized or deformed self from the real self. Sexuality, eroticism is the most basic example of this, it enables us to develop defense mechanisms against society and ourselves.

Some materials that I use and sometimes do not share the technique become a metaphor for these taboos in my mind and destroy your defense mechanism with my reflection.It is the moment that makes this exciting for me as the results of these works reflect on you and provide you with inferences.

Welcome to my mind my Azizim.