Question What are you inspired by?
Answer I believe people are made up of several layers. As you go deeper, you have to dig a little more and go down to the bottom to reach the core. In each of us.

The figures, symbols, themes and paints I use are similar to this logic. As we dilute the paint, we return to the essence of the color, or perhaps move away. This is the human being, as he robs his personas, another self emerges. Every self and character we see is just a reflection or part of what is seen. Deep down there are other personas too.The basic theories I dealt with; self, lower self (id), opposing reaction, defense mechanism, personality disorder, psychotic states, birth. In short, the life force that includes Psychoanalytic Theory and Sufism.

I produce on these three different themes that I have created under the names of ‘SUFI’, ‘HIKARİ’, ‘DİRİM’. The three of them are the result of this theory of psychoanalysis, which is divided both within and outside each other. I explained all three titles in detail in the blog section, you can examine them.

Question What is the EGO? What is the SelfEgo (id)?
AnswerEgo: A feature that makes a person themselves, one’s own existence.

Self-Ego / Lower Self(id): Source of psychological energy derived from instinctive needs and impulses.

Question What does it mean to create an adverse/contra reaction?
AnswerIt is rooted in feelings of anxiety, anger, and lack. Hence, the effort to gain power, money, and dignity is not only the duty to protect against anxiety, but also an outlet for oppressed hostile feelings. The aim is to strengthen the social role for one’s own sex and the opposite sex.
Question What is the defense mechanism?
AnswerThe person is not aware of the meaning of the defense mechanisms they uses. It lives the emotions and behaviors created by these mechanisms without being aware of the dynamic forces behind it. Each person uses various defense mechanisms in order to maintain her psychological integrity and protect the value of them self. For example, one of the defense mechanisms is the reason finding mechanism; The past works in a way that we provide rational and society-approved explanations for the behaviors we live in, and the behavior we design for the future.
Question What are psychoanalysis, psychodynamic and personality disorders?
AnswerPsychoanalysis: It is known that some mental disorders are not only of organic origin. According to the psychoanalytic theory, which is formed due to psychological reasons, some obstacles and conflicts in daily life seem insurmountable to the person and such people are people who can resort to unhealthy ways in their efforts to adapt to their situations.

Psychodynamic: Some characteristics of an individual’s personality are inherited from genes, while others are shaped by life events and experiences.It can be seen in every person, most of it occurs during adolescence, when the personality develops and matures.

Personality Disorders: The concept that defines the phenomenon of subliminal forces directing behavior.

Question What does a multi-disciplinary artist mean?
AnswerMulti-disciplinary is a suitable attitude for the person who takes risks in every aspect while producing, more precisely during this process, and does not hesitate to try different disciplines. In a nutshell, the multi-branch approach. The multi-disciplinary artist is the person who maintains and creates their art and ideology among these disciplines.
Question What does art mean to you?
AnswerIn my language, art is a warm-hearted concrete friend when necessary, sometimes abstract, the magical language of communication behind the invisible. No rules, limitless. Boundaries are indispensable for our society, but is it necessary to reduce this to art? I do not think so. Think of a detached house, it’s yours. It has certain plotted areas, its front garden, its gate, perhaps its backyard. Front yard, door entrance is the public space where you have limited space, fit with the society, show the society. The backyard is hidden. Art is your backyard without fences where you live freely.
Question What is your mission and vision?
AnswerMission: To present the art piece and service values that provide benefit and visual pleasure to the society and individuals.

Vision: To enable my art and the platform I have established to reach many people in order to realize the values I have stated in my mission. Questioning themselves, questioning myself is the main foundation.To deliver something from me to people in this direction. To reach both their physics, their homes, their thoughts and their perceptions and to become an artist who has a place there.

Question Do you have a ritual in the creation phase?
AnswerRitual is defined as the repetition of some values related to individuals or groups at appropriate times, with symbolic and more or less constant sequential behavior patterns. Based on this, I am a rational individual. I can make a habit of everything I make up my logic if I have knowledge on that subject. I proceed with the diagnoses I have mastered while creating, but sometimes the techniques can be more experimental. Although it does not have a specific rule, I think the main thing is to focus on that moment only and adapt the situation I want to tell with appropriate materials. If I am in creation and production, my eyes only see this. I withdraw and observe. After the research part, I meet and work with live models that I think are suitable for me. The rest is a paradox.
Question Are all the models we bought one piece? Can we see the same in any of them?
AnswerOne piece each. Haute Couture in short. In each of them, pattern combinations, color combinations, pattern combinations or functional situations are different. My mission is to produce artistic manipulations, works, products and make them reach you specially with the perception of art.
Question Do you have any advice to people who take you as an example?
AnswerTo produce for hours, days, months, briefly at every moment, not to be timid, to accept every reaction from the society. Occasionally ignoring the negative, small seeds that will sometimes pop up in your head. Commitment not only physically but also spiritually. Maybe just thinking about it, creating that little magnificent seed that will grow.