Kâge; ‘You Covered Me, You Turned Out the Light’ / 2

Dimension: 35 x 50 cm
Year: 2023
Teknic: Oil Painting and Acrylic on Faux Leather Canvas 
Artist: Naz IŞIKSOY

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Kâge; This word, which comes from Japanese culture, has had a meaning in my mind since I first discovered it, as all living beings hiding in the shadows and retreating into seclusion.

This is the main basis of the series ‘Kâge’, in other words ‘Shadow’, which is the continuation of the series ‘Hikari’, meaning ‘Light’, and provides a meaning from a ‘reverse corner’.

Kâge (You Covered Me, You Turned Off the Light); ‘You know that where there is no light, there is no shadow. My light is dead, my shadow is rising. My shadow ignites with the fire within me. My other self is reflected in the flickering of the spark.’