Sufi; Çıplak / 3 (Canvas)

Dimension: 70 x 100 cm
Year: 2020
Technic: Oil Paint & Acrylic
Artist: Naz IŞIKSOY

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‘Sufi’ Series General Explanation;

As we dilute the paint, we return to the essence of color, or perhaps we move away from it. This is what a human being is; as he peels it off, a different self emerges. Every self and character is just a reflection of what we see and what is visible. Other personas also reside deep within. The human figure, animal, plant, in short, every living thing with blue undertones that I deal with in the Sufi series is a metaphorical reflection of this by me. It is an “I” oriented life skill.

  • Human existence is completed with self-discovery. For this reason, I embroider vulva, or ‘Hikari’, in the background and ‘Sufis’ in the front perspective.

Sufi; Çıplak Series;

‘You will either open your heart fully, or you won’t even attempt it at all. You have surrounded your mind with cypress trees, one after the other, making their way through the imagination of existence. You will either prove it and leave, or you will fall down as you are, the nakedness of life. Let’s follow the path between our existence, our selves, death and life, and direct the questioning.’