‘The inextricable characters, adjectives and codes in our lives are neither coincidences nor under our control. ‘The fact that I’m realizing this is a bit damaging.’

  • I believe that people are made up of several layers. As I dig deeper, I think we need to dig a little more and go to the bottom to reach the essence. In my opinion, paints are similar in terms of equivalence to figures. As we dilute the paint, we return to the essence of color, or perhaps we move away from it. This is what a human being is, as he peels back his personality, a different self emerges. Every self and character is just a reflection of what we see and what is visible. It is an “I” oriented life skill. Other personas also reside deep within. My interest is with these personas..
  • The blue color in the figures reflects this. I deal with ‘negative’ photographs in the science of photography. The mixture of warm colors in the background is the metaphor of the phenomenon of ‘birth’ from my perspective. We cannot choose our character when we are born, we do not have to take on anything. Its most transparent and visible form. The vulva form, blended with various colors in the background, is in my language; It reflects the metaphorical state of existence in the name of birth. Human existence is completed with self-discovery. For this reason, I embroider vulva, or ‘Hikari’, in the background and ‘Sufis’ in the front perspective.
  • In photography, it is a matter of taking the negative or coming out negative; The image of counter tones formed after shooting and development on the film sensitive layer, but arranged in the opposite order of the original colors or gray tones; It is a “reverse image”. In a black and white negative, the areas that appear dark correspond to the bright parts of the subject, and the parts that appear light correspond to the shadow areas of the subject. The blue, white and gray undertones in my works reflect this. While these colors, forms and figures are dominant in the foreground, they are in the background. We see warmer color tones in my works. The reason for this is the mixture of warm colors in the background.

According to Darwin; Only living things that contribute to their own existence can survive.

In my opinion, adults and children are in very different categories. In this regard, we need to keep this separate. Many of the choices, habits, and attitudes of the adult human being in matters of interest are expressions of energy diverted from real objects of instinctual gratification, e.g. to destructive impulses. Satisfaction can be achieved by painting, in other words, by killing the natural process in the environment by detecting it on paper. While it is possible to kill human beings with my deformations, it is also possible to keep them alive and reveal them. So, in this case, what kind of being do I and all the other artists and art lovers who devote themselves to this creation become? Are we bad too, or are we presenting our other persona to you? Remember, you don’t just have one personality. So which one do you choose to show?

What is the meaning of the word Sufi?

The most accepted word as the root of the word Sufi is ‘s Arapçaf’, which means ‘wool’. The answer to this question depends on what we live under the title of Sufism. It comes from Sufism. The meaning of Sufism is to be purified. On the path of creative power, it is cleansing from “egoism” and “selfishness. It is to surrender its existence, identity, face to the creator that is its real owner. It is a belief symbolized by the unity of all beliefs and the brotherhood of those who believe in them. There is no right or wrong, there is acceptance. In this process that I want to explain our creation and existence, it is actually the basis of this. It is a life skill based on “I”;

We cannot question our existence, our creation. It doesn’t matter what religion, which sect, what gender, what identity you are. Our id’s are special to us. The selves are ours, which one do you just see or want to see? In religious beliefs, verses appeal to pure people, not Sufis. While the name I have put here accepts our other self, it creates an opposing reaction with the way it addresses them. Like many people, what I have done is to aestheticize and embody the contemplation of the universe. Sufi is your incarnation.